The Real Cost Of Empty Roles For Your Tech Project
If you have one eye on your budget at all times, spending some of these valuable funds on the recruitment process can seem like a luxury that it's best to minimise if possible.

Become A Tech Contractor For A More Secure Future
For many people working in the tech industry, moving away from a full time, permanent position can be a wonderful way to boost their career prospects in the long term.

How DevSecOps can Improve your Company's Security
DevSecOps refers to a mindset, culture, and general set of practices that prioritize security at every single stage of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Is Contracting For Me
When you work in tech, there can be plenty of exciting opportunities, but if you stay in the same role for too long, you might feel that the very best innovations and challenges are passing you by. Switching to contract work can open up your career horizons and give your income a significant boost, too.

Discover The Benefits Of Contracting
When it comes to building a successful career in tech, the majority of people tend to focus on finding the right permanent role - after all, that's the familiar way of working, and it can seem a lot more appealing than looking for a new job every 6 to 8 months. 

5 Key Flags That a Tech Project Is Falling Behind Due to Resource
Project management in the tech industry is a uniquely challenging undertaking...

Should I Consider Contract Over Perm Roles?
Even in today's fluid jobs market, the idea persists that a permanent position is a 'proper' job while a temporary or contract engagement is a stopgap...

Why Using Contractors Doesn't Mean You Have to Rule Out Permanent Recruitment
The tech industry is evolving and reshaping itself all the time.....

Realistic Timeline For Scaling Projects - Perm Vs Parachute Teams

Career Pathways in Medtech Infographic
Looking to progress your tech career? Healthcare could be the answer. View our career pathways infographic below to find out what path you should take.

Is It Better to Work for a Consultancy or an End User?
Tech skills are endlessly transferable and constantly in demand...

Why Project Delays Can Hamper Your Career
A job application is an exercise in self-marketing. You have the qualifications, the experience, and a great looking resume...

How To Scale A Tech Project At Hyperspeed
There are many variables involved in completing a tech project, and complications with any single aspect can unfortunately cause the project to fail.

Scaling With Agility - Avoid The Cost of a Delayed Tech Project
Sometimes in project work, even the best-laid plans are forced to change. And sometimes, those changes have to happen at extremely short notice, which can ramp up the pressure on those managing the project in question. Read on to discover how to scale with agility through avoiding the cost of a delayed project.

The Best Time To Look For Your Next Tech Project
The tech industry is an exciting and fast-paced area in which to work, especially when you decide to specialize in project work. After all, making project work the focus of your career opens you up to a greater variety of opportunities.

How the talent shortage is affecting project delivery
It is a simple fact that in 2022, the most significant delay to tech programme delivery is the lack of talent. Projects have been delayed over the past 12 months because of a lack of appropriate skills, in fact, half of the world's managers are unable to find the professionals with the necessary tech skills.

Working With a Talent Partner Can Give You The Career Lift You Need
When you’re looking for a new professional opportunity, it sometimes feels like you are taking on another job with the process itself. The amount of time spent on a job search can quickly add up from refining your CV (and tailoring it to each vacancy you apply for) to scouring the jobs boards and websites to find the ideal role.

Nomination News - Congratulations Patrick Waites!
Here at Coltech, we love celebrating our partners’ and team members’ achievements

The Blended Approach to Tech Teams: How to be Successful
The tech start-up sector is growing at a rapid rate, but this means competition is inevitably on the rise

Remote Project Teams – What are the benefits?
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced an overnight change in how we work. We have discovered a new way of working despite initial fears, which could be a blueprint for the long term.

Attracting talent to a new idea
Great businesses rely on ideas for their success. And to get those ideas off the ground, it's essential to get the right people around the table to take it from concept to reality. Only then can you hope to develop your idea and get it to market

CV tips to make you stand out
In business, first impressions count. When it comes to recruitment, first impressions count more than ever. Your resume is the first thing a potential employer sees, and if the relevant skills and experience aren’t highlighted or don't seem relevant, your CV won’t make the final cut.

5 Key Problems to Avoid in Your Business Culture During Hypergrowth
We discuss 5 critical problems to avoid in your business culture during hypergrowth.

How To Build High Performing Tech Teams
We give you an in-depth analysis of how to build high performing tech teams.

What Is Hypergrowth?
We discuss what Hypergrowth is, how to achieve it and the risks involved.

Why a perm placement doesn’t have to mean the end of new projects
We discuss why a perm placement doesn’t have to mean the end of new projects, considerations to take before applying for a project and how Coltech can help.

Attracting talent that increases your capacity to scale
Scalability is to achieve and maintain growth, which can only be done through hiring the right talent. 

How to Boss an Interview: 5 Killer Tips
Two things are pretty certain about job interviews: each one is different and they are all stressful. Here are five essential tips to help you beat the competition and walk away with the prize.

Why community is essential for successful tech start-ups
The modern tech start-up business thrives on fast delivery, user feedback and being flexible

Typical priorities for hypergrowth businesses
 Our blog explores what a hypergrowth business is and the key priorities for them.

Top 5 benefits of working with companies that are scaling fast
Our new blog explains what a scale-up is and the benefits associated when you work with companies that are scaling fast. 

5 ways you can stand out and showcase your experience as a developer
Despite the pandemic, the job market in certain specialisms is still candidate-led. In the UK, there is a significant shortage of web developers and full-stack developers.

Why hiring a candidate who requires upskilling can be the winning formula.
In a successful business, you’ll be surrounded by a team of skilled, dedicated employees. They each have defined roles which they fulfil to the high level you’ve come to expect.

Working in a consultancy as a senior team member, what you can expect
Our short blog delves into what you can expect when working in a consultancy as a senior team member.

A Resourcing Partner for Sales Team Confidence
If your first priority is to deliver current work on time, secure future contracts, and grow your business, then it makes perfect sense to work hand in hand with a partner you can trust.

Picking the Right Staffing Consultant as a Contractor
You may be self-employed for a number of reasons, but if you have the skills, and the know-how, there is nothing better than the satisfaction of making your own way in the world at a job you love.

Microsoft Cloud Growth Pleases Wall Street
Microsoft Cloud growth continues to rise and it seems to be pleasing all of those at Wall Street.

Move over, Google: Microsoft’s the new Android trailblazer
Is Microsoft now the new Android trailblazer?

Get Prepped for Video Interviews – They’re Here to Stay!
Want to know how to get prepped for a video interview? Then read click through and read on!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Coltech
It's our 2nd Birthday, what a long way we have come. 

Managing your entire IR35 process can be hard, so ease the burden and let Coltech Global manage the whole process for you.

How To Attract Millennial Candidates
Our blog talks you through how to attract millennial candidates.

Nearshore Talent: The Future of Recruitment
Nearshore Talent represents an intuitive, versatile refinement of the sometimes blunt instrument that international outsourcing has become. It is smart outsourcing and it is the future. 

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