GCP Engineer

Onix Project:Eng
  • Negotiable
  • USA
  • Contract
  • Cloud & Data Security

  1. Proven experience as a Cloud Engineer with a focus on GCP. 
  2.  In-depth knowledge of GCP services, architecture, and best practices. 
  3. Experience in designing and implementing scalable, secure, and highly available cloud solutions. 
  4. Proficient in scripting languages (e.g., Python, Shell) and infrastructure-as-code tools (e.g., Terraform). 
  5. Strong understanding of networking concepts, security principles, and identity and access management in GCP. 
  6. Experience with containerization and orchestration tools, such as Docker and Kubernetes. 
  7. Familiarity with monitoring and logging tools for GCP environments. 
Matthew Gilson Co-Founder & Director, Europe

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