Attracting Talent to a New Idea: Strategies to Succeed

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Great businesses rely on ideas for their success - whether that's an idea for a new product,...

Great businesses rely on ideas for their success - whether that's an idea for a new product, fresh service, innovative brand, or cutting-edge technology. And to get those ideas off the ground, it's essential to get the right people around the table to take it from concept to reality. Only then can you hope to develop your idea and get it to market. The hard work required needs a blend of skills, experience, drive, and talent.

The reality is, however, it can be harder to recruit talented individuals to a project or a role that has no proven track record. Candidates who take on a role with a new and untested idea know they are likely to be taking a risk, especially when compared to taking a stable position at a time-served organization.

How to Persuade the Right Recruits to Your Project

Think strategically to get the best chance of matching the right talent to your exciting new idea. Look at ways in which you can attract candidates to your new role, despite the obvious risks and potential pitfalls.

You'll need a strong and well-thought-out approach that positions you as a business that plans ahead and knows what it's doing. After all, it's one thing to take a leap of faith into a new role on a new project for a stable organization with a strong track record. It's another thing entirely to take on a role in an entirely untested and unproven business!

Show Who You Are

Build up your marketing assets so that prospective applicants can find out plenty of information about your business. This means working on your website to make sure it is up to date, checking that your brand is well represented and on point, and that your social media accounts are fresh, well-managed, and actively responding to your customers.

Have Your Messaging on Point

Can you really sell the potential and scope of your new idea or project? Can you clearly articulate the benefits of working for your company, as well as on the project specifically? Have you clarified the skills, development opportunities, span of control, and responsibilities involved within the role? If not, now is the time to really work on your messaging so that you can attract the best innovators, intrapreneurs, managers, and 'do-ers' to your new roles.

Get the Help That You Need

It can also be a valuable strategy to get help from an experienced recruitment agency on candidate sourcing. If you are seriously committed to getting the top candidates into your business for these exciting new roles, then the right recruitment agency with a strong track record can help you to achieve your goals.

Coltech Global has an impressive talent pool filled with highly motivated applicants who are actively looking for a new opportunity - and who possess the types of skills and attributes that forward-thinking organizations want to secure. We can match exceptional applicants against the specific needs of your organization to deliver excellent fit results and a quick turnaround on your placements.

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