Exploring Project Work alongside Permanent Employment

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While permanent roles are typically favored by most individuals, project work continues to h...

While permanent roles are typically favored by most individuals, project work continues to hold appeal for those seeking growth and new opportunities. 

Engaging in projects alongside your permanent employment can bring various benefits

Income and Savings Boost: Taking on projects allows you to increase your earnings and savings. By leveraging your skills in additional ventures, you can enhance your financial stability and meet your goals faster.

Skill Enhancement and Career Progression: Projects provide an opportunity to develop new skills, gain valuable experience, and advance your career. The diverse challenges encountered in projects can broaden your expertise and open doors to exciting career prospects.

Networking and Contacts: Engaging in projects allows you to expand your professional network and make valuable connections within your field of interest. Building relationships during projects can lay the foundation for future career opportunities.

Considerations before Applying for a Project

If you are already employed and considering project work, it's essential to evaluate certain factors before making a decision:

Review Contractual Obligations: Assess the terms of your current employment contract, especially regarding non-compete or "whole duty, care and attention" clauses. Although these clauses are becoming harder to enforce, it is crucial to communicate openly with your employer to ensure alignment and address any concerns.

Workload Assessment: Determine if you can effectively balance project work with your full-time role. If your motivation is solely financial gain or career advancement, it may be more advantageous to seek a new position rather than taking on additional work.

Career Planning Alignment: Revisit your career plans and evaluate the project within the context of your goals. Consider if the project aligns with your desired direction and if the short-term investment will propel you toward a better role.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of what you stand to gain and lose by taking on a project. While the financial and career benefits are important, consider potential burnout or strain on personal relationships due to increased workload.

It can be helpful to consult with a career coach to gain clarity on your goals and values when faced with challenging decisions. Remember, if a project isn't the right fit for you at this time, it doesn't mean it won't be in the future.

Reassessing Your Career Aspirations with Coltech

Remember, embracing exciting and new opportunities may indicate a need to revisit your career path and seek a role that truly energizes and fulfills you. By reviewing your current position, you can identify possibilities that reinvigorate your career aspirations.

Coltech specializes in connecting talented individuals with forward-thinking companies, facilitating excellent job matches that satisfy both clients and candidates. 

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