Case Study: Project Delivery

Success Story

Case Study: Project Delivery

Intro / Background:

The impact of Covid19 on Care Homes throughout the UK was devastating, primarily affecting the most vulnerable individuals who require continuous care. The principal challenge has been ensuring uninterrupted care amidst the frequent self-isolation or illness of carers. This situation has strained Care Providers, who struggle to find replacement carers, especially as branch staff, stepping in to provide care, are unavailable for recruiting new carers. 

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) acknowledged these risks and initiated a campaign to recruit carers from public volunteers, similar to the successful Nightingale Project, which garnered hundreds of thousands of applications in its initial stages.

Coltech Solution:

In response to this crisis, Coltech Consulting showcased its capability to build scalable teams rapidly, ensuring quality outcomes within budget and ahead of schedule. 

Outcome / Results:

The final product was operational and live in three weeks, significantly ahead of the client's initial nine-week schedule. The Portal, now active, plays a crucial role in enabling carers to reach those most in need, with the potential to save lives. The success of this project not only demonstrates Coltech Consulting's technical and organizational prowess but also its contribution to a critical societal need during a challenging time for care homes in the UK.

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