Overview of how Coltech ensure we reach out to a diverse talent pool of candidates

As a national recruitment specialist, we want our company, its staff and candidates to represent the societies in which our clients operate. So, on behalf of our clients we strive to attract and promote the best talent from all communities and walks of life.  

We are an inclusive employer and encourage multi-culturalism, diversity and ethnicity. Additionally, we employ consultants with “hands on” experience in the sectors they are supplying.  For example, ex-engineers recruiting and placing engineers.   The better the people, the better we are.   

Coltech believe that increased diversity is vital to our continued success because the skills and talents needed to support our client requirements are improved by people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our challenge is to attract and retain the best people from the widest possible pool and provide them with an environment in which they can reach their full potential.   Therefore, we need clients form an array of businesses, both within the private and public sectors.  

We know that our clients are working hard to promote an inclusive environment where people can flourish and where the diversity of their employees/agency workers helps them to better understand the needs of their customers and communities they serve.   

We want to assist them to help their businesses grow by increasing their diversity of skill and talent.  We also know that our clients are taking responsibility for challenging and eliminating behaviours like harassment, bullying and discrimination if they occur.    

As an industry leader we act on your behalf.  By working with your organisation, we hope to increase your chances of finding and keeping the best people and in doing so support you with good diversity practices. 

Additionally, we do believe in ensuring a good competency and cultural fit for all client relations and this can sometimes mean not recommending some candidates for clients and vice versa.   This knowledge is only gained once a real partnership is created between Coltech and our clients.  

  • Search for and identify candidates from the widest talent involving people from all walks of life and the underrepresented – full candidate sourcing/attraction policy upon request
  • As part of our agreement to being on their SLA’s we currently subscribe to Bouygues, CBRE and WIFM – forum, webinar for ED&I and Modern Day Slavery advice and information
  • Explain your approach to diversity and inclusion to candidates /agency worker to reassure them that different ideas and approaches are welcome and valued within your organisation 
  • Provide evidence to the candidate/agency worker of your diversity and inclusion strategy or policy and where requested provide evidence of progress in delivering it.
  • We ensure all language used in our recruitment advertising, website and literature is inclusive and does not perpetuate stereotypical views of people 
  • Review and improve the accessibility of our website or other recruitment materials used
  • Develop and support candidate/agency worker CV’s that take account not just of experience, but also the relevant skills and abilities that candidates/agency workers may have been acquired in less conventional careers
  • Provide appropriate support to candidates/agency worker during the interview and selection process to prepare and guide them - refer to our candidate registration process 
  • Treating all our candidates and agency workers with respect and courtesy
  • We agree SLAs with our candidates/agency workers and our clients to include response times, feedback from interviews/assignments etc

  • Our service is free to all candidates/Agency workers

Please note that our ED&I approach is constantly under review and seek guidance advice from our specialist external consultants and have joined several of our client workshops.   

Diversity Review Programme – completed 

PRS constantly reviews its ED&I processes and so far, has achieved the following:  

  • Set up an internal focus group extending to that of our clients 
  • We have joined several client webinar focus groups.
  • Developed a hiring strategy to increase workforce diversity
  • Advising our clients that diversity should be reflected and evident on their interview panel/s 
  • Continue to encourage and mentor our clients as to the options & variations of workplaces and flexibility of working hours i.e., working from home, job sharing, part time

To attract under-represented candidates, we aim to explore less tried-and-tested sources, such as networks, clubs and associations, and advertising in media and publications aimed at specific groups, cultural institutions, colleges, universities, and communities

Review our website and advertisements to ensure they accurately reflects the person specification and job description and are welcoming to all potential candidates.

Set up web links with minority websites; support and attend events hosted by these groups.


We can record a full range of ED&I data at various staged of our recruitment process which includes at this time;

Gender, Nationality, Ethnicity. 

We are additionally able to direct digital advertising and marketing to under-represented groups in order to re-balance response rates where legally able to do so. 

In order to encourage a high response rate, we can “gate” ED&I data to make it compulsory at certain stages of the “decision tree” candidate / worker registration process if required.