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Join Coltech's bench of world-class technologists and access a hot selection of Data/AI, Cloud, Software, CyberSecurity, and DevOps projects, all available through our team of project consultants, see listings below:

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GCP Migration

Join our team as we embark on a massive GCP migration, redefining scalability and performance. Be part of the future of seamless cloud solutions.

Live roles:

  1. NodeJS Engineer
  2. Job Title GCP Engineer
  3. Job Tittle: GCP Architect
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Lie Project

IAM System Build

 Contribute to our innovative Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, ensuring robust security and seamless operations. 

Live Roles

  1. IAM Architect 
  2. IAM Engineer
Live Project

New Web Application Build

Live Roles

Be part of creating a groundbreaking app that transforms finance. Dive into AI analytics, secure transactions, and personalized insights. 

  1. FrontEnd Engineer
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Mobile App Build Project

This project centers around the development of an innovative mobile application, geared towards delivering a seamless, feature-rich experience in line with contemporary app standards.

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