Rapid Response


Rapid Response

Our Rapid Response service fast-tracks project team builds.

Rapid Teams

Leading Technologists ‘On Demand‘

Delivering your truly aligned objectives.

Our Project Teams are inspired and designed with you and for you.

Defined by your objectives and complemented by our comprehensive understanding of your organisation.

Incorporating precise structure and expertise.

We work alongside you to quickly ascertain core criteria needed from the team whilst being conscious of your organisational culture and any known longer term initiatives. We also provide access to our Virtual Bench in the event that it’s deemed crucial to helping you get underway.

Appreciation of your organisation allows us to quickly align optimal experts across a broad range of technologies and skillsets.

Providing you options and time to fully determine requirements.

Once in place and activity is underway, you can take time to further evaluate the team and make any required changes to skills and expertise if additional circumstances arise
Client Success

Rapid Response Case Study: Tend

Facing a significant project backlog and a goal to triple their team size within a year, Tend in Austin encountered a dual challenge: speeding up hiring without compromising ongoing and future projects.

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Tech Advisory Board

Coltech Consultants to help define and shape your projects.

Other Project Services

Our two services to help deliver tech projects: Virtual bench & Project Delivery

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