Virtual Bench


Virtual Bench

Leading Technologists ‘On Demand‘
Project Success

Jump starting Your objectives

Flexible solutions, as you need them.

Our Virtual Bench provides you with unparalleled access to known and trusted technologists irrespective of the challenge or complexity of requirement encountered.

Combining exceptional skills and experience with need.

By working with you side-by-side our pre-understanding and appreciation of your organisation allows us to quickly align optimal experts across a broad range of technologies and skillsets.

Ultimately helping you to confidently realise objectives.

Whether it’s helping to progress on-going projects or assisting with point in time tasks that were unforeseen. Our Virtual Bench is designed from the ground up to support you.

Client Success

Virtual Bench Case Study: Onix

Our system integrator client, Onix, help leading companies across the United States get the most out of their cloud technology with innovative, cloud-powered solutions...

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Tech Advisory Board

Coltech Consultants to help define and shape your projects.

Other Project Services

Our two services to help deliver tech projects: Project delivery & Rapid Response

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